Machined components made of engineering plastics

Within the High-Performance Plastics Division, the Business Unit Machined Components has over 800 employees and is the world-wide leader in machining plastics. The flexible companies have specialised in the manufacture of high quality machined components for virtually every sector of the capital goods industry. We develop optimum solutions jointly with the customer, then realise them efficiently.

Your ideas become high quality components

This one-of-a-kind, international network of companies provides you with the material expertise of one of the most innovative manufacturers of semi-finished plastic parts, as well as outstanding industry know-how
and machinery that is unparalleled in the world.

You benefit from the synergies of the global locations of the Business Unit. We look forward to meeting your most challenging need

Unlimited processing possibilities

The machining companies of the Röchling Group provide you with virtually unlimited processing possibilities and a leading manufacturer with one-of-a-kind installations and machinery. We have invested in the most modern technology and thus, provide top quality with reliable tolerances and outstanding surface quality. We have modern, high-performance CNC machining centres. Large-size CNC milling machines offer the possibility of producing products in the largest dimensions with narrow tolerances.

For our customers this means:

  • High degree of material utilisation
  • Reduced assembly times
  • Fewer welding seams
  • Narrow length tolerances

Our high-precision CNC systems are equipped with dry and wet processing as well as internally cooled tools.

This enables production of complex geometries and narrow tolerances, while at the same time maintaining a high degree of surface quality. In addition, we are also able to perform 5-axis machining.

We also offer processing of other materials in combination with machined plastic parts.

Currently we have, among others, more than:

  • 100 CNC milling machines
  •   50 CNC lathes
  •   15 automatic profiling machines
  • and a wide variety of profile extruders with over 500 tools

Combined components

The workflows in our machining companies are also designed for the production and assembling of complete assembly groups. Thus, thread inserts, ball bearings or other inserts can be added in further processing steps and combined with other components into complete assembly groups.


Competence in machining

Overview of our processes


Straight planing
Length: max. 12,000 mm
Width: max. 2,500 mm

Sawing / Blank Cutting

• Dividing saws for panels
• Band saws for rods and tubes
• Round blank saws


Length: 1 – 14,000 mm
Width: 1 – 2,500 mm
Thickness: 1 – 730 mm

Round components
Ø up to 3,500 mm
Larger dimensions available upon request


Ø 0.5 – 2,000 mm

Large-size turned parts
Ø max. 2,000 mm
Length: max. 800 mm

Ø max. 750 mm
Length: max. 2,300 mm


Length: max.12,000 mm1)
Width: max. 235 mm
Thickness:max. 165 mm (> 12,000 mm see profile extruding)

Profile Extruding

Polystone® M (PE-UHMW)
> 550 pcs. tools


Strip material
Polystone® M (PE-UHMW)
Width: max. 100 mm
Thickness: 1– 8 mm

Thickness: 0.25–3 mm
Width: 100–300 mm
Length: 11–136 m


Length: continuous
Width: max. 1,500 mm
Thickness: up to 8 mm


Length: max.12,000 mm (> 12,000 mm see profile extruding)
Width: max. 235 mm
Thickness:max. 165 mm


Length: max. 1,600 mm
Width: max. 1,200 mm
Panel thickness: max. 30 mm


• Extrusion welding
• Friction welding


Machined Components made of engineering plastics


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