Röchling Meta-Plast


It is our vision - also in the future - to be the leading supplier to the Scandinavian market in plastics, metals and composites.


In times where quality, service, delivery reliability, high technology and information technology is a given factor as a subcontractor,  traditional values ​​such as morality, conscience and pride have fade into the background.

At Röchling Meta-Plast A / S the mission is largely based on traditional values ​​in harmony with ongoing technological development, quality, service and delivery reliability.


Quality Policy

Röchling Meta-Plast will be the best partner in providing all kinds of plastics to your customers.


We will maintain and strengthen this position by:


  • being the most competent partner and delivering the right product at the right price.
  • being a complete company where work processes and values are one integrated platform for our way of working.
  • holding each other up on our agreed working processes and values, so that both customers and employees feel that there is an action.
  • continuously improving and modernizing our operations so that they always reflect the way we work and develop ourselves.
  • continuously selecting focus areas and setting ambitious targets for improvements and development.
  • ensuring that quality organization has the necessary resources for quality work.
  • complying at any time with applicable legal requirements, standards, norms and rules.

The new material with built-in fire protection

SUSTAMID 6 FR - flame resistant extruded polyamide 6


New profile catalog

New catalog concerning extruded profiles


Polystone® P SSAG - Perforated

Augstas veiktspējas materiāls pārtikas sterilizācijas procesam

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