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Welcome to Röchling Meta-Plast

We process plastics and metal parts for all kind of industries worldwide

Röchling Meta – Plast A/S and our subsidiary SIA LSEZ Meta – Plast are plastics processing companies.

Our assets in plastics:

  • More than 30 years of experience in machining plastics.
  • As part of the Röchling group we are the leading international plastics processing company.
  • Lower costs and environment-friendly products make thermoplastics an obvious choice.
  • Talking about machining plastics we cover the full range of different thermo plastics.
  • All our employees are hand-picked and 100% committed to the tasks.
  • No limitations to plastics: We also offer composite materials as well.


The new material with built-in fire protection

SUSTAMID 6 FR - flame resistant extruded polyamide 6


New profile catalog

New catalog concerning extruded profiles


Polystone® P SSAG - Perforated

Augstas veiktspējas materiāls pārtikas sterilizācijas procesam

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